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Cannon8 Jan 30th 2016 9:47 pm

ARTC as Electrica Fitter (Instruments). Sufficient to work as Instrument Tech?
Hi all.
I visited this section of the forum years ago while chasing up on how to get my A-grade. The depth of knowledge and the kind help was brilliant. Thankfully, I managed to get everything sorted and am happily working away and well settled here in Melbourne.
Now working in the water industry, I am looking to again be recognised as a dual-trader (Electrician & Instrument Tech). I completed a combined apprenticeship in "Electrical & Instrumentation" in Ireland, through FAS about 6 years ago.
I have an ARTC from TRA for "Electrical Fitter (Instruments)", which I believe should be enough, with my A-grade, to allow me to do instrumentation work. Having contacted the help-desk (for the now disbanded) Trades Recognition Australia about this they gave me a relatively generic response of: It is what it is, you figure out how to use it to get whatever certificates/license you need.
With instrumentation not being licensed, there is less information out there. The phrase "Electrical Fitter (Instruments)" only seems to appear on ARTCs, I can't find reference to it anywhere else.
My HR department are happy to recognise me as a E&I worker, but need some validation that it the ARTC is sufficient if they get audited. A lot of the guys I work with a sparkies that have done a one-year Cert IV in Electrical & Instrumentation, through RMIT.
Does anyone have any links or information that I could present to my HR department to validate that Electrical Fitter (Instruments) allows me to be an Instro in Australia?
Thanks so much!

old.sparkles Jan 31st 2016 3:50 am

Re: ARTC as Electrica Fitter (Instruments). Sufficient to work as Instrument Tech?
Have you got original certs and transcript that you could get recognised here? Or maybe try an RPL route?

Cannon8 Jan 31st 2016 4:17 am

Re: ARTC as Electrica Fitter (Instruments). Sufficient to work as Instrument Tech?
Thanks for getting back to me. I have my original overseas certificate (Trade Cert in "Electrical Instrumentation" and documents with my apprenticeship curriculum, and I have the ARTC. I can do RPL but it's expensive and time-consuming, so I wanted to check if the ARTC would/should be enough recognition as it's Australian issued.
To chase the Cert IV E&I qualification here, I have tried to get credit transfers against the apprenticeship curriculum I completed, as I know someone who got a full exemption through RMIT to get a Cert IV E&I a few years back. They've changed things now at RMIT to knock everyone back for credit transfer cos they get no money unless RPL or sign up as full student (I've been told this off the record). Even if I got some credit transfer it wouldn't be bad, but they've said it needs to be all RPL now. My employer is willing to help pay for gap training, but not for the full course and RMIT won't give much guide as to how much I should get exemptions from with RPL.
Has anyone used the "Electrical Fitter (Instruments)" ARTC to work as an Instro?
I feel I have been going around in circles between RMIT and HR.

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