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Question VFS Global

Hi All,
I was am still getting ready to submit all my documents and application. I noticed when I printed the VFS Global page dividers, it says everything must be printed or copied to A4 size paper. In Canada we use letter size, would that be close enough? Does this make any sense? Here is where I found the info: https://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/ca/en/how-to-apply
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Default Re: VFS Global

I just completed the application process via VFS Global in Ottawa. I printed everything on standard 8.5X11" paper - no problems.
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Default Re: VFS Global

Hi girlontheway and LaurensV,
I am just about to go in tomorrow to the Toronto office for the biometrics and to submit everything.. I submitted online on March 7th. Can either of you two let me know if you needed to also bring in a passport-sized photo (UK requirements, of course)? I can't find a definitive answer on this... and I would figure that if they are taking my pic and the fingerprints then it won't be necessary, but I don't want to show up without one (if it is necessary!)

Also, I printed everything on A4 because I read that, too.. But I'm running out now (of the 500 pages - how?!!) and couldn't be bothered to order another ream from Staples (had to do it online, and pick up in store the next day to avoid the additional delivery fee, etc etc.) so at least, I know now that it may not be a big deal if some are on letter (8.5x11), although I'm sure it looks nicer when it's all the same size. haha..
Anyway, I was wondering about the Document Assistance Scanning service and how much it costs? Could you let me know please, if you can.. The vfs website takes you to an error page when you try to learn more about it! I can't find a price on it..
Did you have to print out those Barcode Separators yourself? Or do they provide them free of charge at the office? I can't find them anymore, but my husband had them downloaded on his laptop from when we were in the UK doing all of this, so I can print them here now (though running out of paper, and not certain I need to..)

I actually tried to start scanning everything myself and upload it all, but the vfs system wasn't behaving great.. and I think I may have to give up, as it seems I am now locked out!! I heard that scanning will speed things up (I think originally I read somewhere that the visa review process might go faster.. but I think it might just mean that it will save time at the actual biometrics appointment.) Anyway, any further information you can share with me at this point would be greatly appreciated.

LaurensV, I know you were in Ottawa and I'm going to Toronto, but I think it should be pretty similar..
girlontheway, did you go to Toronto?

And finally, if you don't mind sharing, what have your timelines (experiences) been since these last posts?
Thank you again!!!
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Default Re: VFS Global

Hi there

I submitted in Toronto and no passport-sized photos are required. Apparently this was a change that was made in November 2018, so one less thing to do!

Had a mix of A4 and letter sized documents so don't worry at all. Any original items that aren't A4 or letter (for example payslips that might be on A5, need to be photocopied onto letter or A4 paper). When you arrive, they provide you with all the dividers and you arrange everything while you wait to be called. Make sure nothing is stapled. You sit and meet with someone who does a double check that you have organized everything correctly and it gets put into a big envelope that they send off.

Here is my timeline
- Biometrics - January 7
- Email saying our file is being reviewed - Feb 4
- I emailed on Sunday asking for an update, and was told on Monday via email that a decision has been made and to wait to hear back from the Toronto regarding dropping off my passport. (I did the "Keep my passport" service).
- Nothing yet from the Toronto office regarding anything. Tomorrow will be Working Day 60.
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Default Re: VFS Global

Thanks so much, TorontoGlasgow...
I had basically made the decision like ten minutes ago that I was just not going to go out and get passport photos done today and possibly waste more time and money! But I'm so glad you sent this and I saw it now, so I can feel TOTALLY fine about it now. Yay!!

So, thanks for that. And your timeline..

And thanks for explaining about the process and scanning. Did they charge additional for the scanning when you were there?

I'm thinking about doing the 'Keep my passport' service, too.. Can I decide on the day, do you know? Because I can't get in to my account on vfs anymore to purchase it..
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Default Re: VFS Global

No worries at all! This forum was a life saver when I was applying, so always good to help others out.

No additional charges for scanning. They put everything into a Fedex or UPS envelope, then after i completed biometrics they sealed the envelope. So unsure whether they actually scanned it or sent it old school via mail. But to answer the question, no extra payment.

I decided and paid the day of, regarding Keep my Passport (KMP), so all good to make your decision at your appointment. Just tell them when you start, as they mark "KMP" on a few different parts of your application. When making photo copies of your passport, make sure you have every single page including the front and back cover. On the website it says the copy of the passport has to be at a quality of 600 dpi, which I mentioned to the photocopy guy. He said that was no issue, so reckon any photocopy place should be fine. Not a tech wiz by any means so unsure if a standard home scanner hits that resolution or not. Here are the details: (https://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/lk/en/pr...-when-applying). Although it says it can be in colour or B/W, I did it colour.

Let me know if you have any other questions - I know the day before my appointment I was trying to find answers to a bunch of last minute small queries.
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