USC spouse application for UK Entry Visa Enquiry

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Dave Paget
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Default USC spouse application for UK Entry Visa Enquiry

Hi All,

I recently sent this enquiry to the relevant UK authority, but have
yet to recieve a reply (government can be slow to do so), could
anyone please supply me with assistance in determining exactly
what the situation is.

Thanks, Dave


Dear Sir/Madam,

I was recently married in America, my partner is an American Citizen,
I am a British Citizen by birth (as were my parents). Please could
you answer the following 4 questions for me. (She is applying for
the Visa in Chicago, Illinois, USA)

1. My partner does not currently have a passport and is now applying
for one. In the information regarding the Visa application it
specifies that they are required to provide their passport. I am
concerned that this must be shown at the start of the Visa
application, so that her passport application cannot run in tandem
with the Visa application (she would recieve her passport before
the interview required). If it is the case that she needs her
before she can begin to apply for her Visa then this would mean
that she would have to wait 5 weeks for the passport application
before she could commence the 8 week wait for the Visa
application. If they can run in tandem, and the passport is not
required until later, then she could apply and complete the entire
process in a much shorter time. Please could you clarify which
is the case.

2. On the Visa application it specifies that she is required to have my
birth certificate. Does she actually need my original certificate,
would a certified copy be accepted?

4. The Visa application required that I provide letters or statements
from my employers. I am currently a PhD student and also work
as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Sunderland, would a
copy of my lecturing contract and a statement that I am enrolled
on the PhD program suffice or is further evidence required?

3. It is required at her interview that we provide evidence of our
correspondence, During the course of our relationship we have
mainly corresponded using the internet and the telephone. We
have not maintained contact using the postal service to any
great extent, and we are unsure that we have kept envelopes
that would have a postmark / date on them. We have remained
in extensive communication using the internet, partialy using text
based conversation programs of which we do not possess logs
/ printouts, and via email - of which we have kept a great deal
of the emails (in electric form, although it would be possible to
print them out). I also have my phone bill, which could be used
to show that I have been calling her a lot for the past few
months (last month over 30 hours), although she has been using
phonecards which do not produce a bill, and from which there
would be no records. Would the emails and phonebills suffice
for correspondence?

Thank you for your time and trouble
Yours Sincerely,
Dave Paget

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