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mister_e Dec 4th 2019 9:29 pm

Spouse visa and working in the EU
Hi all,

I have an opportunity to work in the EU (Spain) and am looking at options of either applying for a work permit in the country concerned or gaining eligibility via a spouse visa as my wife is a UK citizen. Will a spousal visa work in this situation? I'm looking at this option primarily because the work visa is quoting 8 months to approve.

As an aside. Yes, I understand that Brexit issues come into play here. Please assume for the sake of this thread (and my sanity) that the consequences of Brexit is an entirely separate issue.

SanDiegogirl Dec 4th 2019 9:56 pm

Re: Spouse visa and working in the EU
As the spouse of an EU person you would be able to join your spouse in an EU country.

You would need to obtain a residency card in the relevant country. You might also have to show medical insurance (especially if your EU spouse is not working)

mister_e Dec 4th 2019 10:24 pm

Re: Spouse visa and working in the EU
Hi SanDiegogirl,

Thanks for posting this information. It's been fairly confusing trying to determine which option is correct for me. This has just made my life a lot easier.

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