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USA_to_UK Aug 18th 2018 10:27 am

Spouse Visa: Financial Requirement Cash in Brokerage Account
Hi All,

I am from the UK and my wife USA. We plan to retire there with £62,500 in savings. I only just found out how picky they were with it being in a bank account. Our cash is saved in our brokerage account. We have regular statements (quarterly), the (UK) broker (Killik) is regulated byt the FCA, I have sole control over the funds (It's not a managed account - I decide to buy or sell, the cash can be withdrawn at any time without penalty.

Reading FM Section 1.7 it appears to give confliciting advise in 7.4.5 it specifically excludes brokerage accounts yet the cash meets all the criteria of 7.4.3

Many thanks in advance
OPTION B - Sell shares.
So under 7.4.9 I could sell shares I have owned for 6 months and transfer the funds to my Natwest account. I'd rather not do that.

Can I use shares that I sold already (1year ago) and transfer the proceeds to Natwest now. I would have documentation of the purchase/sale and transfer.

Anyone had experience with cash in a brokerage account. I want something safe. I don;t want to make an applcation and have it thrown out on a technicality and lose £1500 application fee.

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