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SoYoung Yoo Aug 26th 2018 5:42 am

Spouse VISA (financial requirement)
Hi All,

I'm from South Korea. I married my British husband and we applied for UK Spouse VISA a week ago.
We chose Income from salaried employment overseas with job offer in UK as our financial source.
The thing is that I am not sure if it is okay to submit the original Korean bank books that the monthly salaries for the previous twelve months were paid instead of bank statements.
The salaries got paid in dollar and Korean won, so we are planning to submit both bank books and show the list of monthly salaries highlighted

When I searched for the supporting documents, normally it requires original bank statements or the statements with bank stamp.
However, as my husband is in UK, he can't get the bank statement from the bank. (Korean banks don't send monthly bank statement to their customers)
Because of the act of the protection of personal information, I couldn't get the statement instead of him.

Is there anyone who submitted bank books as supporting documents?

One more question, my husband sent a picture of his passport and I printed it out. In Korea, is this kind of copy acceptable?
I can read his information but compared to my one, it's a little bit blurry.

It would be really helpful if you leave any comments or give any advice for this case. Thanks.

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