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mdimr35 Aug 10th 2021 2:02 pm

Spouse visa extension help!
Hi Everyone, hope you all are doing well. I am going to extend my spouse visa next month and would need your advices on the following.

1. Financial requirements
I am sending 6 months payslips. I am going to print them from online work portal as employer won’t stamp them. Please advice if these will be acceptable for Application?

I am proving six month bank statements and an employer letter confirming employment. I am on a hourly wage with 40hr minimum work contract. Will Home office count me as non salaried and average my wages or will they pick the lowest monthly pay and average it to calculate my annual salary?

2. Proof of living together

My spouse received visa for 33 months. But I will be only providing documents for the latest 2 years before application . Please advice if they would be sufficient for application? My wife don’t work as we have a baby so she doesn’t have many documents on her name.

August2019- Joint barclays account statement
September2019- Argos card statement from me
October 2019- voter registration letter from Spouse
November2019-NHS letter from spouse
December2019- joint Metro bank statement
———————————————— ————
January2020- Argos card statement from me
February2020-Metro bank joint statement
March2020- Barclays Bank joint statement
April2020-Employment letter from work for me
May2020 -Nhs letter from spouse
June2020-EE mobile bill statement from me
July2020- Argos card statement from me
August2020- Metro bank Joint statement
September2020- Barclaycard statement from me
October2020-Barclays bank joint statement
November2020-Pension letter for me
December 2020- Council tax letter joint
———————————————— ——-
January2021-EE bill statement from me
February2021- Voting registration letter for spouse
March2021-Thames water bill joint and council tax letter joint
April2021-Nhs letter from spouse
May2021- Barclaycard statement from me
June2021- Barclays Bank joint statement
July2021-Argos card statement from me
August2021- Metro bank joint statement

3. Accommodations

Tenancy agreement from letting agent. I rent a one bedroom flat and live with wife and baby.I got the agreement last November 2020 for six month. But the agreement says tenancy will continue unless I or landlord wants to discontinue. Will this be sufficient or should I get an updated letter confirming tenancy from letting agent? Do I need a property overcrowding inspection report?

4. Other documents

A2 English test
My British passport
Baby’s British passport and birth certificate
Spouse full passport pages and brp card
Marriage certificate

5. Public funds concerns

I claim universal credit. My wife got universal credit claim rejected. I am claiming on my own right and my child’s right. We don’t get anything extra due to my wife’s presence.

I also claim child benefit in my name and had claimed sure start Materntiy grant when my baby was born in my name but had to provide details of my wife aswell on the form. Will this be a problem?

Lastly one very important question. My wife got free eye test and partly free prescription glasses from specsavers funded by NHS because of me claiming universal credit.

Is this public funded? Will this cause problems in getting her visa extended? Please help me.

I once again thank you all for all the help. Waiting for your advices.

SanDiegogirl Aug 10th 2021 4:10 pm

Re: Spouse visa extension help!
1. Financials: Would be better to get payslips stamped/signed by employer but if you cannot then go with what you have
You will be assessed as non salaried
2. You don't need 26 pieces of paper proving co-habitation - just something from every 3 months or so.
3. Your current tenancy agreement is fine
4 Don't need baby's documents
5. No issues with public funds.

mdimr35 Aug 10th 2021 5:06 pm

Re: Spouse visa extension help!
Thank you so much SanDiegoGirl

I am still a little confused with this NHS funded free eye test and glasses for people on universal credit and low income.

does it fall under public funds?will it be ok as my wife has no recourse to public funds but still got free treatment and glasses because I claim universal credit.

thank you

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