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oxygen28 Sep 19th 2021 1:59 pm

Spouse Visa Extension
Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are keeping well.

My spouse visa is about to expire last week of October 2021 and I have gathered few documents based on my first application.

Please can you help/guide me in doing this?

1.) In extending my spouse visa, the initial visa issued in 2019 has a validity of 33 months ending in October 2021, I'm a bit confused with the form/link that I need to use. Is it this one i.e. M not FP or IR?

Apply online (form FLR (M))

2. Financial requirements
I will go on savings route, so I will have 6months, from February 2021 - September 2021, bank statement with minimum of £62,500. Do I still need the statements to be stamped by the bank on each page?

Both me and my husband work, but since we will be doing the savings route, do I need to include copies of our payslips to show where the money came from? If so, for how many months?

3. Proof of relationship / cohabiting
I will be providing documents from 2019 - present. Please can you advise if the below list of documents is enough? If not, I can still add few more or different one?

March 2019: Council Tax Bill (joint names)
March 2019: Southern Water Bill (joint names)
May 2019: Virgin Bill statement (joint)
July 2019: Nationwide Bank Statement (applicant)

February 2020: HM Revenue Customs (applicant)
February2020: Nationwide Savings (joint names)
March 2020: Council Tax Bill (joint)
March 2020: Southern Water Bill (joint names)
May 2020: Virgin Bill statement (joint)
December 2020: NHS Letter (applicant)

March 2021: Southern Water Bill (joint names)
March 2021: Council Tax (joint names)
April 2021: HM Revenue & Customs (applicant)
May 2021: Virgin Bill statement (joint names)
August 2021: Nationwide Savings (joint)

4. Accommodations

The property we are living at is not in our names at the moment, currently owned by family. But land registry is currently in the process of updating/transferring into our names. Due to covid, processing takes longer time. My question is, in the event that the Land Registry documents with names both me and my husband did not arrived on time, what do we need to show as proof that we are living in that address? Obviously, we don't have sort of tenancy agreement, though all our bills with our names on are all address to where we live. We also have Council Tax bills to this address in both our names, is this enough proof? Please can you advise?

5. Other documents

English Test - I, applicant, will again use my MBA certificate from a UK university
Husband UK passport, Birth Certificate
My, applicant, passport, birth certificate and current BRP
Marriage Certificate

What else do I need to do, in sequence please? When do I need to book an appointment for BRP, before or after the application has been submitted?

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, my understanding is I don't need to take actual/physical photo as it will be taken on the same day of the Biometric (fingerprint) schedule?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your help and replies.

Best regards, :)

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