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Steve1071 Jul 7th 2018 9:07 am

Returning to UK with New Zealand Family
Hi. I was born in the Uk, have British passport. I've lived in new zealand with my wife whos a kiwi but once also had a british passport as her father is british. We have 3 children born in NZ.

We plan to live in the UK early next year so i'm doing british passport applications for my wife and 3 children. I've done the online part which was straight forward but a little confused with one question on the supporting documents check list.

Parents Documents, provide the following
*If applicant born or adopted outside the UK (applies to all 4 of them):
* The passport you entered the country from which you are applying, and if different, any non-British passport held as well

I don't get this. They were all born in New Zealand so didn't 'enter' the country. Does it mean the parents passports need to be sent? my wifes parents are very elderly.

Please help as its holding me up and I can't find an answer on the Govt website.

thanks steve

Steve1071 Jul 7th 2018 9:37 am

Re: Returning to UK with New Zealand Family
Also, I've done a full colour photo copy of their NZ passports which it asked for. Then later on it mentions sending any (not cancelled) non British passport. I presume I don't need to send their NZ passports too ?

BritInParis Jul 8th 2018 10:55 pm

Re: Returning to UK with New Zealand Family
So the first part isn't applicable because they are applying from the country in which they were born. You'll need to provide colour photocopies of their NZ passports as you have already prepared. The rest of the documents (birth and marriage certificates) will need to be originals.

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