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Wilto Dec 30th 2018 1:53 am

Priority service confusion
I'm starting to budget 2019 and figuring out all the costs and potential costs. We need one settlement visa for my (American) spouse, 4 kids have British passports.

June 15th 2019 marks the 6 month 62.5k requirement being met, by the end of June we will have all the required documents, statements etc and apply for the visa.

I have already booked Norwegian Airlines for me and the kids as it is so ridiculously cheap for July 31st 2019. We'll just use it as vacation if the move gets pushed back. We've accepted that we may be split up for a few weeks, as we will need the month of August to start getting kids registered for British school, acclimatized to the weather etc lol.

So to my questions, priority services.

Is VFS the official provider of priority services? Does the applicant have to attend a premium application centre (Atlanta would be closest)?

All I want to do is pay and have our application put to the front, correct me if I'm wrong is that the silver package $775?

If I wanted an almost same or next day approval I can pay $1900, travel to ATL for the decision and we can potentially travel together instead of being split up?

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