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KHUDDAR Jul 3rd 2018 10:36 pm

Hi applying for wife's indefinite leave to remain, she has been working for a company for 6 months but does not have 5 months worth of payslips as company pays end of month so taking 12 month payslips of hers and statements, my question is do I also submit 12 months worth of payslips and statements even thought I been working at my company for more than 6 months or do I present just 6 months worth? If so during that 12 month period I was working for another company from July to October than get made permanent in October so do I write on the form earlier employment the old company name and job even thought I put yes to have you been working for 6 months or more?

Also the form is signed 30th June 2018 but one of the payslips has written on it weekending 2nd July 2018, will that be a issue or is it ok?

Please anyone let me know as I am stressed out due to this.

SanDiegogirl Jul 3rd 2018 10:58 pm

- how much does your wife earn? If over 18,600 GBP per annum, then you do not need to include your earnings.
- what category are you applying under? Cat A or B

KHUDDAR Jul 6th 2018 7:58 am

Hi thanks for replying she currently earns £15,288 before tax, we are going to use category B as she does not have six months worth of payslips, I have been working for six months however at my current workplace but do I also need to give 12 months worth of payslips and statements or do I just present the six? Also if I am meant to show 12 months worth of payslips and statements during this period I worked via a agency till October 2017 after which I have been working in a current workplace. Further to this my salary has rose in the last two months to £17,500 as shown in payslip but was lower in the previous four months and my workplace did not provide me a letter they just said it will go up. It asks on the form if I have been employed by the same employer for six months and if I have been earning the amount stated below (annual salary which I put as £17,500) continuously for six months, I have been working there for six months month but the salary has only gone up in the last two months so if I put yes is that wrong? Should I put no there? I am just worried they might fail it if I fill it out wrong. I know we can used combined income am I better off applying no and then use 12 months worth of payslips and statements as well with my wife. Or should I apply yes and write a separate letter saying I submitted 12 months worth of payslips and statements and worked for someone else during the 12 month period for 4 months with another company and include the figure that I earned in those 12 months?

Just want to make sure I get it right, do not want to give Home Office a inch to fail the application.

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