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bookerw100 Aug 24th 2018 10:42 am

ILR or British passport?
Hi all

I am currently on ILR but also due for British passport now. I am getting married in October.

Question is - does anyone know if the timeline for application response is better for ILR sponsor as opposed to British national sponsor or is it the same?
Tier 2 dependents visa results come so soon but with British passport it seems to be so random and takes a long time as I have read on many threads. Just wondering if its best if my spouse applies whilst I am on ILR or British passport?


Shadowfair Aug 24th 2018 11:48 am

Re: ILR or British passport?
don't think it makes any difference

you need to be settled here and ILR / British shows the same thing so in my view nothing to say being British will have any impact on speed or outcome

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