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celeliza Jan 28th 2015 1:12 am

Evidence before applying for Spouse Visa

As for evidence such as bank statements/payslips/utility bills, would these need to be provided very close to the time of the application or would a 1 or 2 months gap prior to paying the application fee be okay? I know the rules is 6 to 12 months worth of of evidence PRIOR to applying. Or do you just collate everything right to the last minute and apply at the same time?

My HR Manager has just given me the required paperwork for my current employment details including payslips. I am not due to submit the visa application for another month as we are still waiting for other documentation to come through.


michali Jan 28th 2015 9:04 am

Re: Evidence before applying for Spouse Visa
The bank statements and payslips must be no older than 28 days before the date of online application. I think utility bills and other documents should just be as recent as possible but do not necessarily come under the 28 day rule.

michali Jan 28th 2015 9:09 am

Re: Evidence before applying for Spouse Visa
I am sure you are aware, but just as a reminder, the bank statements and payslips must be originals unless stamped and accompanied by an official letter from the bank and /or the employer.

MonsterP Feb 1st 2015 8:34 am

Re: Evidence before applying for Spouse Visa
Michali - Thanks for making this clear about the 28 day limit for bank statement/letter age. If only it was clear on the website.

Is there any other documents which are restricted to such a short time-frame?
I'm actually wondering if my bank can get my statements to me within 28 days! Post out here to Asia can easily take 3 weeks from the British Isles.


michali Feb 1st 2015 8:58 am

Re: Evidence before applying for Spouse Visa
No, as far as I know, it is only bank statements and pay slips that have to be within the 28 day limit. Unfortunately, even though you could print off the online statement, it would then have to be stamped and/or accompanied by an official bank letter, which would pose th same problem for you. Is there any way you could ask the bank to courier your statements to you and debit your account accordingly?

MonsterP Feb 1st 2015 9:09 am

Re: Evidence before applying for Spouse Visa
You're thinking along the same lines as me there. I only have my statements online, so I would ask them to print off monthly statements for 12 months, stamp and sign each one, and add a letter also, to justify that the account was opened after passing all money laundering tests. I think a courier would have to be used.

Pay slips, I can include old one's to justify the savings level, but unfortunately my last one was at the end of 2013 as I was made redundant. Haven't been able to find anything here, and hence expecting to return to the UK.

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