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sudraka Feb 26th 2021 5:46 pm

British parents moving to UK with non British biological children
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Hi, I have searched far and wide and cant seem to get a clear understanding of how to complete this visa application for my kids.

Background - Both my wife and I are citizens but decent. Neither of us have ever lived in the UK . We have two children, 3 years old and 4 months old. We are wanting to move to the UK in 3-4 months.

I understand that we will apply for a Family Visa for each of them and be issued with ILE/ILR, and that there will be no NHI payment required.

My confusion comes with the VFA4 Appendix 1 form and its supporting documents.

Questions like, "Who is your sponsors employer" and , "where we plan to live" and :"how many bedrooms the home has" get me seriously confused. We are just wanting to bring our kids with us... We don't have a house yet as we will be renting an AIRBNB until we find a home to rent. The form seems to be focused around someone with a disability or similar. Who is the sponsor? us as parents? any advice as to how to complete this form correctly?

One of the required supporting documents is :
"-evidence of monthly housing costs for the accommodation in the UK where you will live
-proof of property ownership from the owner of the property you will live in, such as a mortgage statement
-rental agreement
-tenancy agreement
-letter signed by the owner of the property you will live in stating that you have permission to live there
-copy of an ID document of the owner of the property you will live in, such as a passport"

We are all going together as a family and will be renting an AIRBNB whilst we find a suitable rental. How or what do we provide to satisfy the above?

Another required supporting document is:
"evidence that you can meet the financial or maintenance requirements of the application as stated in the relevant paper
appendix you will provide as part of your application"

My wife and I are both self employed. I have GBP 120 000 in cash coming from the sale of our current home in South Africa as well as GBP 30 000 in other cash savings. Is this sufficient ? and what evidence do I need to show this?

Your help is greatly appreciated with this....

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