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Gordon Barlow Mar 2nd 2021 7:32 pm

Border restrictions in Central America
Just FYI - anybody interested. A friend of mine has been working in Costa Rica and is about to take up a job in Panama. She told me that she will have to go overland to San Jose, take a plane to Panama City, and go overland from there to her job close to the Costa Rica border. All because the land border is closed between the two countries, thanks to The Virus! Sheesh.

Gordon Barlow Apr 5th 2021 8:12 pm

Re: Border restrictions in Central America
An update, for those interested. When my friend got to the San Jose airport to catch her plane to Panama City, she was told that the plane was going to Panama all right, but only on its way to Canada, and she wasn't allowed to get off in Panama even though she had no book-through luggage! After a bit of argy-bargy, she went by bus to the land border, crossed into Panama, then went by land to her place of work in another part of the country. It sounds a bit of a shambles. Anyway, she made it safely, and was not quarantined at all.

Tom Jennings C19 Apr 27th 2021 5:40 pm

Re: Border restrictions in Central America
Costa Rica / Panama land border is open again. Haven't been out there yet to see what it's like yet!

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