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uk_grenada Mar 3rd 2016 3:06 pm

Grenadas Camerhogne Park scandal
On the best beach on the island is a derelict strip of land. This is next to a national park, a nice place with wc's showers, parking and a pretty shaded access to one of the most pleasant parts of the beach. Behind this is a street of vendors selling food drinks etc. Useful but not the thing you would want outside the door of a new 5 star hotel.

A few months back, a government underling let it slip that an egyptian hotel tycoon has not only bought the derelict strip, but that the park was also given to him GRATIS by the government, but not to worry because it was to be 'relocated' somewhere else. This means not on the beach - there is no other available land on the beach...

Its worth knowing that htis government have played fast and loose with public assets before, they decided that the countries botanical gardens would make an ideal spot for new ministry buildings, and 'repurposed' the land.

The prime minister who appears to be retiring next election, has since been backpedalling furiously 'no deal was done' and big demonstrations and a petition of about 15000 signatures has been collected.

Latest info - prime minister doubts that these signatures are real, and democracy requires that the majority view is taken - ie of the other 85000 who didnt sign? WTF...

uk_grenada Apr 4th 2016 11:52 am

Re: Grenadas Camerhogne Park scandal
So its now announced, it was part of the deal, they are going ahead, and some derelict land behind an existing beach bar, about half the size of the park, will be 'the new park.' This area is already saturated with tourists, might be a problem if they try to expand its use.

uk_grenada May 9th 2016 9:27 pm

Re: Grenadas Camerhogne Park scandal
Hmm, some flip flopping going on, the developers are now counter claiming - its not a done deal, but if they dont get the park they cant be expected to fund all the improvements in other places, which sounds reasonable. Actually i think both points of view have some merit. The best beach was sort of put on earth to make grenada money, so long as the government dont give the crown jewels away for too little, and lose the benefits the current park has...

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