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uk_grenada Mar 22nd 2018 11:12 am

Well, that didnt take long...

With various social reforms underway, the trump effect, i have been told multiple times to go visit because its going to change.

A friend here in Grenada is now moving to Cuba because cmpared with Grenada, the cost of living is very low, housing similarly cheap, good medical care for 50 cents a day all in, country way of life very similar to here but in spanish.

Apparently its easy to get residency if you are of a friendly nation to cuba [grenada is.]

So - anyone had any experience ? Is this the first trickle?

Gordon Barlow Mar 22nd 2018 11:25 pm

Re: Cuba?
I think it's fairly easy for UK passport-holders too. One probably can't work there, but living there is OK as long as one can pay the bills. Several lawyers from Cayman are reckoned to have "bought" properties there for a song. It's always been on my bolt-holes list, in the event that our present home becomes too expensive for us in our retirement. (So far, so good, though!)

I'm told it's a safe place to live, too, which is good.

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