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The_dilberts Jul 6th 2020 1:44 am

Bahamian residency with criminal convictions
Hi all,

My question is as per the title. Me and my partner are looking to relocate to the Bahamas, my only issue is that I have previous criminal convictions. I have two, both of which I served prison sentences for. The first being a year and the second for the same sort of offence being 8 years, I have only been fully time served for one year. Both convictions were violent offences, I was involved in a gang culture (although my offences don't specify this) and since coming home would prefer to put my old life behind me and start fresh.

From what I gather an application for annual residency requires what the Bahamian government of immigration states as a "police certificate" am I right in thinking this is a Disclosure and Barring Service check form from my home country (uk)?

As I​​​​​​I appreciate the severity of my past, I understand this will more than likely result in a rejection of my application. So, is there anything I can do to avoid this? Would being a homeowner in the Bahamas help? My wife is a nurse and studied for two years of her degree over there, she will be working there as a nurse should we choose to move, does this hold any weight against my circumstances? I'm slightly confused as to what the work permit requirement are, I think you need separate work and residency permits, would holding a work permit help?

I'm sure there must be someway of relocating. I've served my time, I've left that lifestyle. I just can't grasp a way forward at the moment, any help or pointers the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


uk_grenada Jul 6th 2020 10:19 am

Re: Bahamian residency with criminal convictions
Im sorry, but honestly i think you are a non starter for this. I have no specific knowledge of the bahamas, but i have been through this on another island, and have seen numerous others do it elsewhere in this region. Firstly, you should enquire from their embassy / mission directly in your home country.

A work oermit is not something an individual can normally apply for, it is applied for [and paid for, sometimes a lot] by the company wishing to employ you, they have to prove you are needed and they cant get a local to do the work.]

The police certificate used is often the one generated by the ACPO office in the uk, which discloses offenses etc. The rules will not be changed by any subsequent good deeds or money/property, and be aware that they are only asking you to see if you tell the truth, in 10 seconds any immigration officer anywhere on the planet can check your status online, and any untruth = a ban . You will probably find that legally you are not allowed in even as a holidaymaker without a specific clearance from the local police [most countries blanket ban anyone with more than a year sentance.]

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