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M1KTA Mar 9th 2009 12:05 pm

Any expat radio amateurs?
Interested to learn if any expat radio amateurs on forum in caribbean currently?

Thinking about looking for work in 8P6, 9Y4 or C6.

I have been a bit of an IT gypsy, database architect and over the past 20 years when not working in UK. Mostly for banks, insurance, telecoms or pharmaceutical companies. I have worked in a lot of different places. Anyway since 2003 for about 50% of the overseas trips I have been able to operate under HAREC or CEPT.

When xyl not with me (QTH Cambridge) and not involved in exploring or operating wherever I am I have spent time homebrewing (what is it like to bring in components or better to buy locally or via DX airmail?). Any problems with temporary import of station kit, rigs/antennas?

And sometimes (holidays too from some work destinations) I have spent evenings under the odd pile up usually qrp. When conditions are good it makes working the world with qrp possible. In addition to actually being paid to be in these places being able to operate makes for a very interesting time.

Interested to hear any info/stories from current or ex-locals.



Dragonflies May 16th 2009 3:32 am

Re: Any expat radio amateurs?
Hi there

My husband is a ham radio operator and we are based in Antigua. PM me back and I will give you his email address.


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