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2CoatsJones May 4th 2014 11:48 am

Advice on moving to the Bahamas from UK
Hello everyone,
My husband is a Bahamain Citizen by birth, and lived there as a child, I am a Uk citizen. We were thinking about moving to the Bahamas and trying life there. We are 37 and 46 years old.
I have done a little research and read that, as we been married for over 5 years, I could get Bahamian citizenship! That seems amazing, I can hardly believe it's true! I cannot see any information about needing to prove wealth or income there (ie affidavit of support type things) We're not rich, we don't have property, we have savings enough to get us out there and support ourselves for the first few months... But no huge great sums of money.

Careers wise, we both did teaching degrees here in the UK, have both worked in catering, retail, corporate investment banking, (for many years) and currently my husband is in facilities management (university halls of residence) he enjoys working with young people/teenagers. I am currently working in a supermarket :unsure:

I was wondering if anyone out there is a British expat to the Bahamas and could comment on what life is like there, ie. how versatile is the job market, and where is a good place to live. My husband said he is interested in Freeport.

Thank you so much in advance if you have any advice for us :D

bruceba Jun 3rd 2014 5:01 pm

Re: Advice on moving to the Bahamas from UK
As you husband is a citizen you will be able to get residence with the right to work. Your Bahamian citizenship won't be that easy. Immigration here is painfully slow.
Unemployment is quite high at the moment.Things are expensive in the Bahamas but if you like the sun and sea it is great. I live in Freeport and am retired.

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