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CRAY May 12th 2020 1:34 am

Taxes and Relationships
Unfortunately me and my common law partner separated earlier this year. It was an ugly end, abusive to the point that I spent Christmas day hiding in a friends basement to escape the screaming..... but that's a story for another thread.

I don't know if I should file my taxes as single or common law. I really don't know if we were still considered common law on Dec 31st of last year as I was sort of half moved out by then, it was all a big unpleasant mess, and we certainly weren't conjugal at that point, had pretty much verbally ended the relationship etc.

My gut is telling me that the textbook correct thing to do would be to file as common law, but the thought of that fills me with a sense of dread........:sad_smile:

Threats, verbal abuse, or no response at all are the only interactions I have had from her since I moved out. I believe I need her SIN number and some other details such as if she has applied for certain credits etc if I do file as common law, and there is no way she would give me any of that information.

I know she is not as conscientious as me and would almost certainly have just filed as single and said to hell with it. So, if she does interact at all it will only be to put pressure on me to file as single so there isn't a discrepancy between our returns. She is also still holding hostage some of my mail and a few thousand dollars of my valuable possessions so I'm reluctant to do anything that might P**S her off. But I'm also reluctant to file a false return and get in trouble with the government............ Rock..........Me.........hard place.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


jandro May 14th 2020 1:41 am

Re: Taxes and Relationships
Sounds like you may need the advice of a professional - either accountant or legal or both. Good luck.

beckiwoo May 16th 2020 3:06 pm

Re: Taxes and Relationships
Sorry to hear you have to go through that.

I would def look into some legal advise if your ex-partner is holding your processions and mail. With the tax situation I always thought it was your status as of 31 December that year. You could file as single if you were not together and if CRA come back you can explain the situation with evidence if you have it - I’m sure they have come across similar cases like this.

sorry I just re-read and you want to file as CL. Could you contact a tax accountant to get some clarification?

unobscure May 21st 2020 2:31 am

Re: Taxes and Relationships
If she does file as single and you then file as common law wont the tax man pick up on that and investigate? Probably just easier to file as single.
Alternatively write her a letter "Important tax matters" and simply ask if she wants to file the last return as single or common law; and if the latter to provide you the necessary details by X date. If you don't get a reply file as single.

Or pay a lawyer/accountant.

Siouxie May 21st 2020 4:07 am

Re: Taxes and Relationships
I'd have a read over these before making any decisions about tax filing..

However, regarding your personal belongings, do you have any neutral friends that might act as a go-between and retrieve your things if you give a list? I would concentrate of retrieving your belongings and mail (do a redirect of mail asap!)

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