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Canada Jane Jul 8th 2006 11:40 pm

Re: How many boxes???

Originally Posted by cancov
Well, we went and picked up 15 boxes this evening! I plan to start packing tomorrow.

I can't wait to see how much space this stuff actually takes up. Its weird, one minute I am convinced that I will need less than 15 boxes and then the next minute I am panicking that 20 won't even be enough!!! I guess there really is only one way to find out and that will be by packing.

Some more questions:

When I type out all the items in each box, do I then tape this onto the actual box itself? If so, do I literally just tape the 4 sides of the page to the box?

In my 'master list' of all the items I am shipping, can I just type this out on an ordinary peice of paper and then fill in the official 'goods to accompany/goods to follow form' when I am at the airport? Am I right in thinking I would have 3 copies of my list-one for me, one for the shippers, and one for customs?

I will be entering Canada as a former resident (a Canadian Citizen who has lived in UK for 12 years). My kids will be entering Canada as Canadian citizens, but they are not returning residents because they never lived there. Is their property (ie toys, clothes etc) classed as my property for this purpose?

Will there be any other formalities for us at the airport that anyone can think of?

Thanks so much in advance



When I did our boxes, I made notes on the contents for my own use, but on the boxes themselves I simply placed a lable with our name, destination details, no of box i.e. 1 of 10, booking reference number and shippers name and address. Do not put the contents list on the boxes themselves.

The goods to follow list I did, has now passed the test at Toronto and the officer said it was one of the best she had seen.

I did an initial list of the actual boxes with their contents and then a list of the types of content and their value in £ and $ with totals at the bottom (using excel) i.e.

Box 1 - Clothing
Box 2 - Toys, photo albums, books


Clothing - £1,000 $2,000
Toys - £500 $1,000
Books - £ etc
Total £10,000 $20,000

For high value items such as laptops you need to list them individually and include any serial numbers

I used the exchange rate relevant the day I did the list.

I also did a similar list of things we took with us, including serial no's, for laptops etc.

This was accepted fine at Toronto (they require 2 copies) and I did a couple spare for myself.

The officer compeltes the official paperwork and simply stamps and staples your list to this. You then get given a computer printout which you need to keep an use to collect the goods when required.

As for the shippers, they sent me paperwork of their own to complete with basically the same info.

Our shippers told us that we would have an additional $150 approx to pay at the airport when we collect our goods.

Hopefully our stuff will arrive sometime next week - will keep you posted.


jerry brewer Jul 9th 2006 2:58 pm

Re: How many boxes???

Originally Posted by Wookie Wayne

but how do you ship a bike??

Thank you

Not sure if anyone has answered yet, but we used what was an anglo pacific subbie, ( anglo wouldn't come past Brizzol.... tiz dangerous down 'ere im debon, what wiv all those pasties around )

Anyway we have shipped one bike & two frames, basically we were told steam clean them/ ensure there is no sign of earth on them, and then they will pass thro customs OK.

As to boxing I was surprised how vague the official way of itemsiing is, a box of my paperwork was simply PBO 'packed by owner', and there are some items that were labelled strange, i.e. laundry basket, we didn't have one, so we are waiting to see what it is when it is unpacked...
Also we have one box labelled as ' dog & cusions' , we did check but we still had our dog with us ....... :D
They produced a customs list, and customs on UK, found an extra box they forgot on the list.
On the downside we went for a sole use 20' container, but ended up with 1/3 of it as spare space...

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