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GingerDom Jul 15th 2008 6:46 pm

Re: Hi There From A Ginger Uker

Originally Posted by Glassy (Post 6570770)
Born and bred I'm afraid. The concrete cows and I go way back :lol:
Undecided on where we want to live at the moment. We originally thought that we'd end up in either Calgary or Vancouver (like a lot of ex-pats I suppose). But after visiting both we found Calgary wasn't really what we were after and Vancouver to be really pricey. So we're hoping to take a holiday to Nova Scotia and see what that holds. I'm kinda expecting to be totally different from Vancouver...

You and me both Buddy. Is it totally mad of me to say that I have never been to Canada in my life, but as you may have read before, I have met the most wonderful person, and even now, at this stage, I want to spend my life with her. We share all the same dreams, visions and goal for the future - and she likes bikes, Bonus!!!!!

If I hadn't met her, then I would have joined my sister and her tribe in Perth, Australia. I just want to quit the Uk to be honest.

I have this list of seven things I want to do before I die (like the programme), and one of them is to live in another country.

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