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Former Lancastrian Apr 5th 2012 8:04 pm

Re: Canada 5th happiest country...UK 18th

Originally Posted by iaink (Post 9991247)
That's Former Lancastrian 3rd from the left, on the chopper!.... have you been hacking his private picture files again:sneaky:

:rofl: actually I did have a Raleigh Chopper a yellow one to be exact.
Got it at xmas one year fell off it several times as I was insistent that the snow on the ground would not hinder my cycling abilities.
3 gears and a comfortable seat and then putting the lollipop sticks between the spokes. Kids today dont know what they are missing :lol:

scottishstacey Apr 5th 2012 8:35 pm

Re: Canada 5th happiest country...UK 18th

Originally Posted by Former Lancastrian (Post 9991259)
I did an academic study when I was a copper in Preston in the 80s.
It was purely based on the number of arrests I had made or break ins attended and subsequent enquiries led to the arrest of teenagers responsible for nicking booze.
Smart teenagers get adults to buy the booze for them so in reality taxes were being paid. Plus isnt it illegal for a 16 yr old to be selling booze never mind iding persons of their age.
Good picture Oink brings back memories.

yeah the checkout person has to be 18 to sell them drink or I think they can serve them if supervised by their manager (could be wrong on that one tho) Besides, supermarkets and shops are very strict here these days, people in their late 20's and 30's still get ID'd if they look the slightest bit young. Most people take it as a compliment :D Most people over here just hang around outside the shops and ask people to buy drink or they have older friends/brothers/sisters to buy it or even some parents.

Tony-the-Tigger Apr 5th 2012 9:20 pm

Re: Canada 5th happiest country...UK 18th

Originally Posted by rdashmore (Post 9991122)
As a Canadian and British Expat I appreciate Jenny's honesty and message, living in a rugged country like Canada is a challenge and not for everyone. I beg to differ with the mention that we fain our happiness or lack thereof, we love to be honest and grind peoples gears at the same time, possibly when folks left the UK it wasn't because they were desperate for a new beginning but more likely sick of the 'whining/moaning' of those left behind.

As for drugs in highschools, a large majority of teenagers across the globe experiment during those years. Having gone to school in both at that age, the UK is no different by comparison.

For a straight forward talking Canadian like myself that may lack the creativity to go above sarcasm in his humour, "we will certainly miss you Jenny", have fun back home!

I love the UK, I love Canada, and I love that they are not the same place, and that much is an honest declaration.

Rdashmore, have a great day!

jimmydean Apr 5th 2012 10:58 pm

Re: Canada 5th happiest country...UK 18th
I totally understand why some people use the supply of controlled drugs in High Schools etc as one arbiter in their decision making relating to happiness and whether they like an area or not....however, in my experience, the supply of controlled drugs in almost any school that teaches people aged 15-19 years, whether or not it is in the UK, Canada, USA, France, Spain or anywhere else for that matter so widespread and ingrained into everyday reality that IMHO it would be unwise to have it on any pros and cons list. ................ I saw it first hand throughout the UK in supposed rural idylls, small and large towns and cities and I have seen in first hand in my short time here in rural Canada...I expected it to be there when I arrived (in fact would have been really amazed if it hadn't been)
The only thing that ever varies in each school in my experience is the awareness levels of the parents and teachers to the actual problem.

PS I was originally was only going to pass comment on the fact that nearly all countries near the top of the happiness list appear to have a cold, snowy type climate:)

Keelif Apr 6th 2012 6:33 pm

Re: Canada 5th happiest country...UK 18th

Originally Posted by iaink (Post 9991238)
What makes you think its nicked?

Supermarkets sell booze, disinterested 16 year old checkout staff have no interest in policing other kids.

Not sure about this to be honest. I am forever being asked for I.D. (think its because I am slightly vertically challenged :p). Its usually the younger members of staff that ask me.

Cant say that I mind being asked if I am under eighteen again though :D

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