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BristolUK Jun 29th 2017 11:08 pm

Re: Banking & managing your money

Originally Posted by confused_uk (Post 12283473)
This looks like a great option, maybe I'll start a joint account with them.

Another :thumbup: for PC finance.
But the first thing I wondered on reading your post was can you not get cashback from a local store?

PC runs TFSA too and you do on line transfers between that and the chequing account easy peasy.

As for transfers between here and UK, TransferWise seems to be the common choice these days. A few minutes to set up and transfers money very quickly with a very good rate and a small fee.

If you do a BE search on the name you'll see nothing but great comments.

Someone like Alterna Bank pays a higher interest rate. Currently 1.9%. Top rate at PC is only 0.8% (except for promotional rates for a couple of months).

You can link a PC account to Alterna and transfer on line, although a TFSA withdrawal needs a phone call.

confused_uk Jun 29th 2017 11:10 pm

Re: Banking & managing your money
Thanks everyone, this has been a super helpful thread

Hurlabrick Jul 4th 2017 12:25 pm

Re: Banking & managing your money

Originally Posted by confused_uk (Post 12283167)
It's only really for sending the odd bit of money back and forth every now & then, I usually use hifx and can't really be bothered to start changing all the banking details with them. Would TD be a problem if using a forex company?

We have our Canadian accounts with TD Trust and our UK accounts with Nationwide. We use Transferwise for transfers and have had no problems whatever (I have also used HiFX in the past).

I would not for one moment consider using EITHER Nationwide or TD Trust for FOREX transfers - mainly coz the rates are cr*p (and yes, they may well screw it up too!).

So far, I have no problems or complaints about TD Trust, but then I can't say we have given them too much exercise so far!

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