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Originally Posted by Amazulu View Post
Because you refuse to face facts

Okay, lets break it down to keep it simple and hopefully get an answer (not holding my breath though). Denmark, a country you love and consider to be superior and better to Australia in every way possible. That country has higher levels of personal debt than Australia (and also government debt). People there earn less, pay more tax and have less disposable and discretionary income. It's also a very expensive place to live. How does Denmark manage this? How do individuals cope? Why are these levels of debt okay and acceptable for Denmark, but not Australia? Why is this a problem for Australia and not Denmark (remember your superior country opinion)?

FWIW, debt levels are too high in Australia but maybe there's something else at play here - I'll see if you can guess what it is
I don't know. Same old ground that was covered in another thread on here a year or so ago. Do you learn nothing from what I say? Is Google your sole mechanism of scholarly pursuit? The other day it was UK having the best health system in the world. Australia coming in second? Where do you get such faux information other than inflated and frankly inflated untrue information. You really need to be aware of 'stuff' resourced on the internet is actually accurate.
I've already written on another thread about it being well and good you coming from a very difficult part of the world, and be over defensive in gratitude, that us Aussies saw fit to allow to you into the country, that's taken for granted, but best not allow your enthusiasm get the better of good sense. Australia has been slipping and it is very little resembling the 'tone' of country it was decades ago. Newcomers won't realise this of course, through no fault necessary besides ignorance, of their own. another reason I expect turbo charging immigration is very popular with government. That in such numbers creates a new consciousness.
I'm afraid it does sound like you were indeed holding your breath a little too long, with all past replies to similar questions posed by yourself. I expect this resulted in a black out which must have taking a considerable time to recovery from as you apparently missed every answer .
Denmark a country I love and consider to be better than Australia in every possible way. Do show me the post that explains your comments as yet another example of wild accusations with no back up. The weather there is shocking for the most part, but wait the summers are great and well lived. But what you may have latched onto was that the medical system far out weighs the Australian. It is free for citizens and of very high standard. You have the right to chose your doctor not only on a private system as in Australia (which still leaves one out of pocket and is unsubstantial in the longer term) The Danish health system is not the only one in the vicinity of course, superior to Australia's, but you did ask about Denmark.
Now Danish personal loans are indeed a disaster in the making. There was a collapse or 'correction' in the Danish market already, but like Ireland (well Dublin, anyway) lessons were not learned and the market is seriously over heated and over personally indebted to which we see how will play out. Danes, of course many with the ability to speak perfect or near perfect English/German/Swedish/Norwegian and quite a few good French have the opportunity to easily move countries. The nation maintains a still good, social security network, even though the Right reduced it from being probably the best in the world to good but not exceptional as was at one point. Yes taxes are high. But provisions in aged care and health are good. Rents are protected for low income and not a total neo liberal economic policy of sink or swim became the ideological basis of economy as has over taken much of the Anglo world which started in the eighties.
Hope that helps. But really should pose questions on Danish matters to the European forum. There is so much for you as a newcomer to learn about the country you noe live in. That being Australia.
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