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CynthiaUSA Nov 17th 2020 1:40 pm

Treatment of dogs in Barbados
Can anyone tell me about the treatment of dogs in Barbados, my husband and I are thinking about spending several months in Barbados and would like bring our 2 dogs. I hear there is a lot of animal cruelty among some Bajans and would hate to make a bad choice of bringing them...just no really good info that is recent I can find, It appears there has been little respect in past but maybe there has been a change in attitude?

satellite_ian Nov 17th 2020 2:12 pm

Re: Treatment of dogs in Barbados
I'm not sure how the way Bajans treat their dogs influences your decision to bring your dogs. No one is going to attack your dogs when they are with you and presumably you don't intend to let. your dogs roam free.

There are plenty of vets if your dog gets ill.

uk_grenada Nov 17th 2020 3:13 pm

Re: Treatment of dogs in Barbados
Why would locals treatment of their dogs and cats affect whether or not you take your animals with you, for them it's a question of whether they keep all lose their masters after all (that's the way I think they look at it).

If you want to visit an animal friendly island I would suggest Grenada, we have one big advantage of having a large veterinary school on the island and thousands of students during non-Covid times, all eager to bring in any 4 legged creature to practice [under supervision] on neutering etc and of course they volunteer and go out of their way generally to look after them. There is also the GSPCA of course. There are many many dogs living the good life in my locality, mostly outdoors.

I visit Barbados reasonably frequently, I have seen animals in poor condition but never actual cruelty although I'm sure it exists, probably more frequently in Rural communities. One has to remember that there is quite a lot of poverty and that heart worm tablets and other vet procedures are out of your price range of many.

There are a number of bajans on this forum and I'm sure one will be along to give their view shortly.

julesdoopydoo Nov 17th 2020 6:04 pm

Re: Treatment of dogs in Barbados
Hi Cynthia,

I am an English dog-lover and live here with my little Heinz mongrel. He was a "rescue" in that he was tied to a tree in next door's garden but I could not watch that so I adopted him!! He lives the life of Riley now. There are many dog-loving Bajans and the Barbados Dog Training club holds regular courses and can be recommended. There are good vets - the RSPCA is marvellous, and should you ever need them, several excellent boarding kennels. Most dogs (not mine) live outdoors here, most have kennels but unfortunately, some Bajans are not so caring about their dogs and many are tethered the whole time. However, as other posters have said, that would not affect whether you bring yours with you or not. There certainly are not packs of stray dogs roaming the island, at least, not that I've ever seen. Dogs can be walked on a beach if on a lead (most do, some don't)!! Plenty of choice for dog food and other equipment. Regards. Julie

CynthiaUSA Jan 10th 2021 7:54 pm

Re: Treatment of dogs in Barbados
Thank you, Julie. That was exactly the information I was looking for...and more! Sounds like your pup got very lucky!

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