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julesdoopydoo May 8th 2018 3:54 pm

Solar Heating for pool
Has anyone installed solar heating for an "in ground" pool? We are having one built and solar heating seems sensible but we cannot find much demand or information on the island. Will we have to look to the States?
Any advice or recommendations would be gratefully received!

Sunniebgi May 10th 2018 1:42 pm

Re: Solar Heating for pool
I would first ask.. Why would you need one in Barbados. a heated pool?? depending on how you position the pool, the sun will certainly warm it during the day..

however. I know the type of set up you would be looking for (my sister has one on her pool in Vermont (where it is pretty chilly, even in the summer) and I can't say for certain that any of the Solar companies in Barbados would actually have this type of set up. If you have checked and been unable to find, then yes.. going through the US would be your next best bet..

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