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Algee Sep 27th 2020 7:30 pm

Schools, cricket and location questions - year visa
Hi, we are investigating if we can move to Barbados for a year to take advantage of the visa offer. We are a couple who run a business remotely and have a 7 year old cricket mad son, we have had a few tough years of grief so are really up for an adventure. Our aim is to find somewhere beautiful and relaxing and easy to step into, with good internet so we can grow our business from home and hopefully also somewhere with families around, so our son isn't too lonely.

We are trying to find out about schools. All he wants to do is play cricket (what a great place to play more) but he is also bright and has autistic traits - transition and big schools could be hard, we could do with some pointers on where to find out about schools, he should be ok with change if we let him know what to expect - so we have to research it all very well. Anyone know where to start with school reviews or recommendations?

I am aware also there have been a few questions about this visa and where to live and apologies if this is repetition, moving out there into a holiday let and then viewing apartments I gather is the recommended option - but this could be daunting with our work demands and our sons needs - is there any safer way of securing a well vetted apartment or villa for a year in advance?

And if so where? We were thinking of focusing on the cricket and the school and be sure those needs can be met and then looking for accommodation near by - have heard St Peter's is nice - but that's about as far as I've got.

Only other thing to add is we love exploring, we are going to want a car, we are used to living in the countryside so crowds and noise could be more of a challenge - areas and rental companies recommended are also appreciated. Many thanks

Wharfer Sep 29th 2020 6:51 pm

Re: Schools, cricket and location questions - year visa
Welcome Algee,

Best indeed to start with the school, as you are probably only able to go to private see some names below to start with.

St Luke's
St. Winnifred's
St. Gabriel's

Good luck with your search, hope it goes all well.

Algee Sep 29th 2020 10:47 pm

Re: Schools, cricket and location questions - year visa
Great - I'll look up the schools. Anyone with feedback on good schools also appreciated.

Thanks so much for your response.


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