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Mister Arsenal Jan 27th 2015 10:18 am

Room With A View
Hi One & All

I have just received good news from the UK i have been offered a 2 /3 month
contract at Guys Hospital London, I'm an Pharmaceutical Engineer.
My dilemma is decent/clean reasonability priced accommodation,
i have been down this road before last year At Royal London Hospital and had a nightmare to put it mildly.
Does anyone know of rooms to rent or flat share?
I would be at work 10/12 hours per day so really just need something small clean and decent.
I'm male and lets just say passed partying all night age, respectful and happily
married, to a wonderful wife who unfortunately will be staying in Barbados.

Mr Arsenal.

uk_grenada Jan 30th 2015 6:01 am

Re: Room With A View
Your best chance is to check whether theresxany space and if you are allowed to use the nurses homes, for a short period, and normal rental is going to cost probably more than the salary.

Mister Arsenal Jan 30th 2015 9:17 am

Re: Room With A View
Hi Bob _Grenada
Thanks so much for at least giving me that bit of advise, and will ask they question when
i get there.
Only God knows how my father managed back in the day.

Serendipidy Feb 3rd 2015 9:13 pm

Re: Room With A View
try SPARE ROOM for flatshare, house share, flat share & rooms for rent and other websites that have spare rooms advertise including room to rent in London | Flatshare, Rooms to Rent - Gumtree

And have you joined the facebook Bajand in London group you can post for things like a room on there and maybe with other bajans....good luck

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