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To Move or Not to Move..that is the question?!

To Move or Not to Move..that is the question?!

Old Sep 9th 2009, 11:48 pm
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Default To Move or Not to Move..that is the question?!

OK here goes..I've read and read, and I've learned sooo much from this forum, and now realise that there is no one formula that suits everyone. Oh how I wish there was a "Move me to Barbados without any Hassle Pack"

So, with this in mind, I'm finding that I'm now about to give my pitch to you all!...and even tho I know you've all probably answered these questions a thousand times, I'd be so grateful for any little bit of info, help or advice!

1) We are a Brit family of Me, Hubby and 7 year old son (UK year 3)
2) Thinking of moving over in Jan 2010 for 1 year initially, with a view to longer if all seems well.
3) Own house in Barbados already, and one in UK.
4) We are financially sound, and can support ourselves.
5) Intend to seek work after a few months, if we feel we have made the right move and want to stay.

1) Am I mad to attempt this, and where the hell do I start?!
2) Private Schools - Codrington, Providence, or other...which is best?
3) Healthcare for Brits abroad.. how does this work?
4) Bringing stuff over from UK? who should I use, and whats involved?
5) Buy a car, rent a car, or import an existing car from home?
6) And the question to send you all over the edge.... Should I apply for visas, work permits, residency? and how do I go about this? How long should I expect the procedure to take...or is this the question with a million answers?!

Please Help!

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Old Sep 10th 2009, 2:17 am
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Default Re: To Move or Not to Move..that is the question?!

Hi there,

Barbados is a great place to live but there's no way to move here - or indeed live - without the hassle. Its still a developing country so whilst we enjoy many wonderful things they come at a price.

You will definitely need health insurance - call Dominic at Sentry, he is a top broker. Does all the other insurances too.

School wise, you need to decide if you wish to follow the Barbados curriculum otherwise the only other option is Codrington which is an International school and follows the PYP (part of the IB) programme.

If you have a house here then its probably worth enjoying a year regardless.

January is a lovely time of year as you will have missed the hot sweaty weather we have now! If your 7 year old likes to swim or surf he will love it here,

Thats my 5cents worth for tonight!
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Old Sep 12th 2009, 2:04 am
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Default Re: To Move or Not to Move..that is the question?!

Well, it looks like insurance and schooling is covered so I'll ignore those, other than to say we've just started with the Codrington and so far so good. Our little boy (4) has been having 'lessons' at home a couple of hours twice a week for the last year or so anyway, so I think he'll adapt easily to Codrington.

I can't remember the people we shipped our stuff with from home, but I was pleasantly surprised price-wise. Will try to dig out the paperwork and put the name on here asap. We shipped cars from home, but there's no cheap way to do it - import duty is MASSIVE, whichever way you choose to obtain a vehicle (and you really need them here) the cost is going to surprise you compared to the UK, especially if you sell it on again after a year.

Re. obtaining permission to be here - if you can support yourselves without working, and can prove this easily with documentation (bank statements, mortgage details, deeds of your properties blah blah) then you ought to be able to obtain residency for up to a 3 year period - but you'd need to apply ASAP to be thinking of being here by January. To get a work permit, you have to have a job offer first - and it needs to be a job a local can't do, or the permit will be denied. Getting work here is tough if that's your plan, you need to have a very niche skill-set that opens up opportunities that locals can't take advantage of. That said, there are obviously people who do have those skills and do get work here - many on this board. So nothing's impossible!

Two pieces of advice I would offer, if you don't mind - 1. get an immigration lawyer, and be on the phone to him CONSTANTLY once your application forms go off. Nag, nag, nag, befriend him, become his best pal. 2. If you want to be here by January - GET ON WITH IT!!!! Immigration here is slow, and you definitely need to apply (for whatever status you're applying for) soon. Same goes for schools, the best ones are oversubscribed and turning kids away, get an application in for your 7-yr old asap. Hopefully, if the school you like is full, perhaps a kid will leave in the interim and a place will come free.

Good luck!!

It IS hard work coming here - so much for the laidback Caribbean - but, for my family at least, 100% worth it. You seem to know the island and if it will suit your character on a long-term basis, so I'm sure it's worth the effort.
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