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Bajeblondie May 18th 2008 4:18 pm

Latest immigration/extended stays advice?
Hello, has anyone got any recent advice/stories/experiences with regards to extended stays/stamping at airport etc????
I would also like to know what immigration require to know with regards to financial support etc.
Thanks alot.:)

Serendipidy May 18th 2008 7:36 pm

Re: Latest immigration/extended stays advice?
Hi bajieblonde

what nationality are you? if you are english we are entitled to 6 months stay in barbados but as yet i have not heard anyone get that stamp at the airport. i myself got 3 months on asking one time and their only question was can I support myself and i said yes - told them i needed the 3 months as i was looking for land (lol). You will prob get anything at airport form 1-3 months but i would def ask for 3 after that you need to go to immigraiton and waste a day requesting extension and pay i think $50 i have never done it myself . They will allow the stay of up to 6 months is what my friends have found.

Hope this helps


Bajeblondie May 19th 2008 12:35 am

Re: Latest immigration/extended stays advice?
Hey Serendipity,
Thanks for that, its pretty reasurring after recent stories of deportation and immigration gettin stricter.
Seems its the luck of the draw and a different story for everyone.
I just wouldnt want to risk being banned from the island.
Thanks again!:)

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