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SJSHC4 Mar 14th 2019 10:59 am

Citizenship by marriage
I have been married to a Bajan man since 2015. I applied for citizenship by marriage early 2016.
I was given an interview 6 weeks ago. The gentleman informed me they would be awarding me citizenship and went through the next steps with me.
I was just wondering how long this part of the process might take as I have heard nothing more.
I believe I am waiting for my fee letter, and once I have paid I will be able to get an ID card and a passport.
Thanks for your assistance.

satellite_ian Mar 14th 2019 5:16 pm

Re: Citizenship by marriage
I took me fully 5 years from applying to actually getting citizenship by marriage. Although I understand the rules are (were?) a little different for women than for men. I have detailed the whole process in a couple of threads on this forum. Have a read and see if it tallies with your experience.


Sunniebgi Mar 14th 2019 8:12 pm

Re: Citizenship by marriage
well.. in 1992, it took me basically 2 months. .I'd say it's taking 4 to 5 years at this point. he may have said you are getting citizenship but as said.. there are next steps.. and that "fee" letter could take longer than you think.. and just because you have paid doesn't make it immediate.. so.. hang tight. you should have also applied for a reside and work.. or maybe you did and that has been granted.. (if you want to work legally while waiting for the citizenship document).

there are others on here who have been through this recently and should be able to respond. however. it can be different for each person. keep us posted..

SJSHC4 Mar 15th 2019 12:38 am

Re: Citizenship by marriage
Thanks for your replies.
I was told at my interview that they weren't bothering with the 'live work reside ' visa and going straight to citizenship. I think this might be due to my age - I'm retired so not looking for permission to work.
I wondered if I perhaps ought to go to Immigration and pay the fee - I probably have to wait for the letter though.
The situation is somewhat complicated as my husband is divorcing me - he has a new woman. He has told me I can't stay if I'm not married to him - and I'm concerned he has been trying to stop my citizenship. I actually don't know if he can influence it at all so I'm living in a kinfe edge. I would also like to move to somewhere on my own, but again he tells me if Ieave this house I will have to go back to England.
I don't really know how to proceed. I felt if I had my citizenship I might feel more able to leave.

Sunniebgi Mar 15th 2019 8:25 pm

Re: Citizenship by marriage
wow... well.. ok.. that's tricky.. hum.. .. not that I Really need to get into this part of the conversation. but.. if he's divorcing you.. for another women.. why does he want you in the house?? and he can't say whether you can stay or not. what type of stamp do you have in your passport. you still on a visitors visa..?? or you have any document that says your citizenship is in process. and obviously no mention of the pending divorce was made at the interview...

Next things. what is the next step the immigration officer advised. that you would be receiving a letter in the mail for the fees? and he gave no information on the length of time it would take. like 6 weeks. 4 month.. etc?? (not that it means anything around here.) .. so maybe.. if it's been 6 weeks ago.. that you could just go back to immigration and "ask a question.."..

and all I can say is .good luck.. and unless you have the money to stay (and make sure he can't get his hands on it) .. you may do better heading back home. just saying..

Happyowner Mar 16th 2019 9:53 pm

Re: Citizenship by marriage
All I can say is my friend married a Bajan 4years ago and was told her Citizenship may take 5 to 7 years. She has been given "right to work " She too is close to Retirement age , and they are still happily married.

I think it's possible that Immigration may want to interview you both again before it is granted --------------------to make sure your marriage is not one of convenience, which now, I fear, it is.
Good luck with everything, but my advise would normally be not to go and badger Immigration. That can make them more difficult than ever, but having said that, when I did not receive a letter, I called them to find it had already been sent so luckily , I got another one.

One thing------------is the house not yours ? If so, you could apply for a Special Stay Visa , but you have to pay for it. However, it will keep you on the Island and give you an ID card.

SJSHC4 Mar 16th 2019 11:03 pm

Re: Citizenship by marriage
Thanks Sunniebgi. A few things ... he doesn't want me in Barbados never mind on the house. But the house is rented and I pay everything - rent, bills etc.
I have a visitor permit until May.
I did mention we were having problems at my interview. The officer had asked my husband to be there - he refused to go. When I told the officer he said he had 'seen him' and didn't expect him to attend. Not sure how he'd seen him...
No, he just said he was recommending the citizenship was granted and I would receive a fee letter. Once it was paid I had to see a JP and would then get an ID card. Then I could apply for my passport.
I definitely plan to go back and ask the question ... but I will try and make an apointment to see the same officer.
Yes, I have the money to stay and he cannot get it it. I appreciate what you say about going home but I really want to stay.
Thanks again ...

SJSHC4 Mar 16th 2019 11:05 pm

Re: Citizenship by marriage
Thanks Happyowner.
I am not 100% sure why, but the officer said they would be skipping the live work reside visa and go straight to citizenship.
They can ask to interview us both but he won't go. I wasn't sure what you meant about marriage of convenience as it suggests I have married for that. I can assure you that is not the case.
I agree about badgering immigration, but I feel that circumstances have necessitated a further visit. As I said in my previous reply, I would prefer to make a proper appointment.
No the house is rented. I haven’t heard of a Special Stay Visa ... I can look into it.
Thanks again...

Happyowner Mar 17th 2019 12:42 am

Re: Citizenship by marriage
Hi there---------------I wasn't inferring that you had participated in a Marriage of Convenience ----------far from it, I was trying to point out that it may seem that way to Immigration as you are divorcing. However, if you have mentioned it and he is happy, it seems that under this new Government, things are changing for the better perhaps.

The Special Stay Visa is explained here, but hopefully you will not need it . A sincere Good luck to you.

Ps As a married woman, I am pretty sure you can just extend your visa every 6 months for $100 until you get your Citizenship. You don't have to leave the Island.

Sunniebgi Mar 17th 2019 12:57 am

Re: Citizenship by marriage
The reside and work is just a step in the process. .not getting it, doesn't make the process any faster.. it just allows you to work while you are waiting for the citizenship. if he said that they aren't really doing that now.. it may mean that the process is actually getting faster. . so.. who knows about that one.

Bad that you are paying everything in the house.. and he's taken off with someone else.. and still living there. . I don't mean to be judgmental.. but I have to agree with Happyowner. it doesn't mean you married the man to stay in Barbados (and it does happen) . but to the immigration officer it could.look that way.... fortunately, he , the immigration officer, didn't seem it was going to be an issue. .

I can also agree with not badgering them about the letter.. HOWEVER.. as well.. it's been 6 weeks and in a normal world. a fee letter should have been to you already.. if he didn't give you any kind of time frame, your call, or visit is just to ask the questions about when these next steps might actually happen.

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