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ontario70 Oct 17th 2019 4:58 am

Approaching 3yrs back in England
December will mark 3 years back in England and my wife and I are very contented with life. We spent 7 years in Canada, 2 years in Langley BC and 5 years in Toronto. We initially returned to England to do our bit in nursing my dying father in his last months of his life and it was then we realised how much we missed home, our family and friends etc. We decided to make the move permanent and we haven’t regretted it once. We loved the experience of living in another country but the pull of home was too much.

Walmsc Oct 17th 2019 5:14 pm

Re: Approaching 3yrs back in England
I am sorry to hear about your dad. I too am in Canada and moved to BC 4 years ago on career break from Southampton. I spent 6 months at home looking after my dad last year who sadly passed away and it has also made me want to go home. My husband would prefer to stay here as less traffic, less crime, better behaved youth, cleaner streets etc. It is soooo great to hear you have no regrets to move back. I think that is always the fear.... would we regret it once back ? Did you have concerns before you did it? Thanks for sharing :-)

durham_lad Oct 18th 2019 6:24 pm

Re: Approaching 3yrs back in England
We have just passed the 3 year mark of being back after 29 years in the USA. Great life and a wonderful experience in the USA but we continue to love being back in England. It was indeed a really tough call as we left our 2 adult children in the USA. Everyone’s situation is different and very personal decisions have to be made.

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