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Baby75 Apr 22nd 2014 8:16 pm

4 years home :)
I can not believe we are home now 4 years and no intentions of ever leaving long term again! but I do not regret going at all, well expect for the small part of DH losing all contact with his then best friend but we wont go in to that now! anyone who may still remember me , will probably remember it lol it was hard going when we got home, no work so DH had to go back to college and retrain in a new trade, he was lucky and now is working in computers. we had 2 more kids our youngest is 8 months now :)

but the ups, being back home with family and friends, some food, familiarity feeling like we belong, spending time with my nana whom passed last year I know if we had of stayed in Australia, I would of never got to say goodbye. kids settled in to school and made new friends very quickly, they are doing well after having to stay back a year as they were behind so much, but we did not mind they will be older doing exams better for them.

downsides, missing some very good friends in Australia, miss our daily chats just as well we have facebook now LOL, the recession taking hold and having a huge impact on everything here. certain foods we still miss here, you just can not win I guess :rofl: we missed the library's in Australia , we loved them and they were so child friendly as well, also when I had my next son home here in Ireland I missed the great parent rooms compared to the one chair in a toilet we have here :thumbdown: who wants to feed a baby in a toilet not me!

will we ever go back, we hope so not to live though, only way I see that happening is if my kids all go! I would not stay here with out them! but I am still happy we came home it was the right move for us! DH probably would of stayed or even now would go back if I was happy to but lucky for me he is happy were ever we are together and for that I am very thankful for :D

Brigette Apr 24th 2014 4:22 am

Re: 4 years home :)
Congrats on making it home. Glad things are working out for you

quoll Apr 24th 2014 7:19 am

Re: 4 years home :)
Gosh! 4 years already! So glad that things have fallen into place for you - long may it continue!!!

Mummy in the foothills Apr 26th 2014 3:27 pm

Re: 4 years home :)
Wow 4 years it doesn't seem that long. Sounds like things are going well.

Choccie Apr 27th 2014 9:34 am

Re: 4 years home :)
Great to see you are happy and settled. Its still early days for us but I don't have any regrets so far.

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