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shaun/lor Jul 17th 2002 10:08 pm

who needs medical
hello anyone maybe its late and im tired but see if you can put me at ease anyway. i will shortly be an oz citizen by decent, (fingers crossed and all that) i will then be sending for my wife and childs pr under spouse catagorie. what worries me is i have 2 children from a previous relationship, whom i do not have contact with anymore, but would my wife now have to declare my children as her dependents on the spouse forms even though she is nothing to do with them, and even worse would this mean i would have to try and get them to have medicals as well even though they are not coming. im a little confused surely these 2 kids are my dependents and not my current wifes is that correct ?
sorry if its a little wiered maybe i have read the forms once too often. cheers for your help shaun

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