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simon Feb 14th 2002 5:48 pm

What if they put points up to 115
If they decide to put the points required up to 115 as has been hinted in some recent posts can we claim extra points even after our application has been submitted. I was thinking in particular of the 5 bonus points available for capital investment.
If so does any one know how we go about this?

Also am I right in assuming that the points for age and work experience are based on the date we made our application rather than the date they actually process the forms. In other words what if we fall into a higher age range by the time they get to our application or the work experience for the last 12 months is no longer appropriate.

ndaltonb Feb 14th 2002 7:04 pm

Re: What if they put points up to 115
Hi Simon,

You may want to check one of my recent posts regarding points. Long story short is that the migration agents kicked up such a fuss abou the possible increase that the powers that be decided instead to slow the process down.

And yes you are correct that points are based on the date of application, not when they get around to it.

Good luck.

Nigel db

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