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Terry R Brookin Apr 7th 2002 6:50 pm

Re: What Do You Miss?
Neil <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
    > Coming from the UK I will miss:
    > Green grass.
Does it get you higher? <g> BTW have you ever seen a red golf course? <g>

    > Warm beer (the real ale kind).
Just stand outside in the heat for a while...

    > Great Formula one TV coverage.
Huh? are we talking about Formula One on ITV?

    > Good growth in the value of my home.
That's mould I assume? <g> House prices rise in Oz as well.

    > Rain. Much as I hate the rain, I know that I will miss it when I'm not seeing it
    > very often.
When it rains in Oz, it REALLY rains!

    > British Humour.
They have plenty of swear words in Oz.

    > Local take aways.
They do have them you know, only the food's edible! <g>

    > Terraced housing. Now that was a bare faced lie.

    > Knowing what to ask for when down the DIY store. I just know the aussie hardware
    > man is going to look at me funny when I ask for a rawl plug or a tube of Gripfill.

    > All the knowledge taken for granted that u build up through years of living
    > somewhere, such as what you can and cant do legally in a motor car, how to get a
    > tax disc if in fact they have them in Oz, what to wear at a job interview and a
    > whole host of things that I dont know I dont know.
Oh you're in for a treat! <g>

    > Familiar faces. Family of course. Central heating.
You can always put on more clothing when you're cold, but there is a limit to what
you can take off when it's hot.

    > Lovely old buildings, specially ones with some history.
They all have history, just short history!

    > Cheap Australian wine (how do they do it so cheaply over here at only £3 to $4 a
    > bottle) Something tells me that its going to be dearer in Oz) It is a ridiculous
    > world we live in.
You will find it cheap or cheaper in Oz.

    > British Courtesy, whats left of it.

    > All the interesting and ridiculous accents we have in this small Island.

    > Sure I can live with out all the above, time will tell.
    > Neil

Regards -Terry Kiwi in England

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