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Herman Oct 10th 2002 7:51 am

Visa for wife for UK?
We've got a bit of a visa nightmare for going home to the UK. My wife is Czech and when she lived with me in the UK she was a temporary UK resident on a student visa. She got the Aussie visa as my defacto because we lived together for over a year (she was my girlfriend then) in London.
Now we want to go back to the UK she needs entry clearance as a foreign wife of a Brit. The UK authorities said she must apply in Australia as we have been here over a year. The British Consulate here say we must apply in the Czech Republic as we are not permanent residents in Australia and they really could'nt have been less helpful. The British Embassy in the Czech Republic say we must apply in Australia as she has not lived in the Czech Republic for 4 years (she was in Switzerland before UK).
Eh? We're all over the place here. I've done all the forms, just dont know where to send the bloody things. Its a long shot but does anyone here know?

mozz48 Oct 10th 2002 12:18 pm

Re: Visa for wife for UK?
You certainly do have a nightmare on your hands Herman Sorry I cant offer you any advice on that one Good luck anyway I am sure a lot of people will be wondering how you get on Regards Gerard

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