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tropicalm Dec 17th 2001 2:51 pm

Hi Mates,

First of all, hello to all of our British friends,
and thanx for allowing me to post some news over here, as we don't have such a highly visited forum down here in France.

I have some news about the processing times at the Paris Office, though it may not be of great concern for some, I know a bunch of guys that feel concerned...

(Note: for an IT professional where applies)

- From Ackowledgement to the request for more documents:
4 months and 10 days

- Getting a police clearance (online at .gov) 2 days

- IELTS Results: 4 days after the day of the test (British Council, Paris, EUR 137)

- Medicals (X-RAY+HIV inc.): 2 days after the check up in Paris (EUR 130)

- English Translation: 7 working days

now a question:

Does somebody know what the processing time is from the moment "they" have received ALL the further documents they ask until the "famous" final letter that informs you that you've got "IT" (given that everything's all right...) ?

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