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robertd Oct 6th 2004 1:58 am

Re: Dawn
Dear Rach and family,
Can`t beleive you are already here. Hope you are all settling in, it takes time. I would love to met up for coffee providing I can find time to get up to you as we are on the Gold Coast. Was it you that was going to get a tattoo done. I got mine done in Ashley Road before we came over. On 7th sept, the Bournemouh Echo did a featue on us. Havent seen a copy yet, but the Echo office are sending one over. Once again, great to have you here, especially as you are from Poole. We are meeting up with Pasquill on Friday night. Something to look forward to. best wishes Rach, love Louisa. Already met up with Pluma, and seeing Gazza22222 in a couple of weeks. :)

mlbonner Oct 6th 2004 2:11 am

Re: update from 'all the luck in the world'!
Hey Rach - longtime no hear!! Glad its all going well. I'm sending you a PM :)

Pollyana Oct 6th 2004 4:19 am

Re: update from 'all the luck in the world'!
Glad its all going well - Rach, are you coming on the night out next Friday?? :beer: :beer:

unrefined_mind Oct 6th 2004 7:55 am

Re: update from 'all the luck in the world'!
Hi Rach

Glad to hear you are all settling in well, we have all come a long way since that first meet at 'The Bear and Ragged Staff' seems like many moons ago now.

Most from that meet must be 'Down Under' Somewhere by now.... :confused:

Take Care

Graham (the 'Swift' family)

Dreamaway 10 Oct 7th 2004 1:12 pm

Re: update from 'all the luck in the world'!

Originally Posted by nosuchluck
hi everyone
thought i'd better give you all a quick update on how we are getting on after being here for 3 and a bit weeks!
What can i say, so far so good, we are renting a 4 bed lowset in Eatons Hill, Brisbane, Chanelle started school yesterday and loves it, a girl there asked her to say something!!!!! She's already made a couple of friends :0) Mark is plastering and getting on really well with the Irish, Scots and Australian he is working with!
We've both got cars, me a Rav 4, him a Toyota Hilux, got TFN's sorted, Medicare sorted.
Been to Southbank, Redcliffe (twice), Australia Zoo and actually saw Steve and Terri Irwin :0)
We went 'southside' on Sunday and have decided that we definately want to stay on the northside.
Everything is going really well and we have no regrets whatsoever, yet anyway.
I'm not working and not seeking a job so if anyone wants to meet up for a coffee, pm me
hope everyones dreams are fulfilled as i feel ours have been
Rach, Mark and Chanelle xxx

Dear Rach really glad to hear you are all okay and are settling to your new lives well.
Is everything as you expected it to be .Does it live up to your expectations?
Take Care keep us all updated
Cheers Dreamaway

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