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shaun/lor Jun 6th 2002 7:03 am

stat declerations
hi does anyone know if the statutory declerations needed for spouse visa from 2 friends who know the couple, have to be wittnesed by a notoriaty, or somthing . or do they just write a letter declaring there knowladge of the relationship.
also any ideas on how this should be laid out would be helpfull cheers shaun and lor

yvsie Jun 6th 2002 8:17 am

Re: stat declerations
I would say yes they do need to be witnessed by a notary public/solicitor.
Sophia who contributes to this ng has a good example of a stat dec/sworn statement...try emailing her...or private message!

I also think Im right in saying that if you have the stat dec drawn up at one solicitors office they can't let you swear it have to take it alse where to be sworn.

We're doing a sworn statement because my hubby is self employed and thats what we have to do ...for him to say this is what he does ..with these tools..for so long etc...we have typed out the statement ourselves and will swear it tomorrow...hopefully...

collingham Jun 6th 2002 9:02 am

Re: stat declerations
You can either use the official Statutory declaration form ( or just use a sheet of paper. I used the latter and got 2 declarations written which then had to be signed and dated by the declarant in the presence of a solicitor who in turn witnessed the document.

dooda0407 Jun 8th 2002 3:09 am

Re: stat declerations
Hiya, my fiancee and I have just went through getting everything sent to the Embassy (about a month ago ) and now we are just waiting for any news. Chris lives in Adelaide and he picked up the stat decs at the post office. When they are filled out take them to a JP (justice of the peace) to sign them. That is the Oz equivalent to the American notary. Hope this helps and if you need any help or advice just leave me a message. :)

Ktylawson Jun 8th 2002 11:20 am

Re: stat declerations
You do have to get them witnessed and depending where you are as in country that can
be a lot of fun.....

Hope you get it sorted


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