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Jamie Smith Dec 17th 2003 5:48 am

SMC points calculator online - be careful
The new SMC points calculator is nifty

I had suspected that with any kind of online calculator, it might be a bit difficult to clarify anything like whether or not your qualification is of a good enough standard to get enough points, and it's proven to be so. There's nothing built into the calculator to deter people with untested qualifications from claiming points.

So of course a heap of people will end up rating themsleves higher than NZQA and NZIS will agree to.

And that will be the start point of the first bunfight - "but your calculator said I had enough points, so I spent my money and lodged my EOI, and now you accuse me of providing misleading information????"

Ah well, let's hope they improve things over time.

Web based tools are a can of worms really, as they always need adding to and cost more money to evolve. Accountant's nightmare -all due respects to our IT colleagues ;)

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