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tropicalm Mar 20th 2002 2:45 pm

Added Spouse on PR Sub 136 successful!
Hi everyone,

A good deal of threads ago (december 2001),
I posted a request for advice relating to my spouse
Like George guessed, the Embassy in Paris was very nice
with us and allowed Sandee to be added onto my application,
though I was in the final steps then.

She just received at noon her forms requesting her to go to the medicals and requesting her police clearance!

Thanx to the Embassy in Paris ,and especially to Rosa Rodriguez.
Thanx as well to George! He'll have his chocolate box in melbourne one day.

I'll underline the help of the useful website of the Justice dept. of the French government that allows French citizen to get their police clearance sent from an online form, for free and within 2 working days!


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