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tropicalm Feb 8th 2002 11:14 am

Hi there!

I wonder to which extent the passport expiry date is bound to the visa expiry date.

For instance, my passport expires in May 2003, so the visa 136 that's about to be stuck on it will be ok, because of its 1 year validity from the Policy/Medicals date, but eventually ? What after May 2003 ?
Will my passport expire with the PR136 on it or will my passport be easily prolongated given it has a 5 year validated visa on it ?

Thanx 2 all,

Tropicalm, FRANCE

Jsuppal Feb 9th 2002 7:20 pm


You'll need to obtain a new passport upon the expiry of your current passport. Bring
your Australian visa to the attention of the passport-issuing authorities of your
country, such as the Consulate, so that they will return the old passport to you.

You then need to carry both passports when travelling into and out of Australia.

You should also consider checking with DIMIA if they will evidence the visa in your
new passport.


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40 344 9761

tropicalm Feb 11th 2002 10:15 am

Thanx Jsuppal,

All right then, carrying two passports seems all right.

Have a good week. :-)

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