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Stephen Jul 10th 2002 11:11 am


I have got a PR and moving on 29th August. I need a help if someone can tell me, how can I open a bank account being here in USA now and transfer money to that account.

If someone has done so previously, please let me know.


Anon E Mouse Jul 10th 2002 12:17 pm

Re: NEED Help
Hi Stephen,

We opened an account thru the London office of Commonwealth Bank - there's nothing about the US here but maybe it's worth dropping them an email?

Also, HSBC seems another popular choice


newstartnz Jul 10th 2002 6:38 pm

Re: NEED Help
Stephen, I'd add to that, many banks we spoke to were very arsy indeed about opening an a/c before you arrive, before you have the visa in your passport, (all that money laundering has turned them looney), but ANZ were another bank (in addition to those previously mentioned) we thought reasonable and which facilitates a/c opening with the usual 'know your customer' checks.

All the best

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