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melbournehelp Oct 19th 2004 12:18 pm

Melbourne taxi drivers
Well I got the shuttle bus to the city , bleary eyed and a bag full of football bits and pieces and thought to myself what do I need ?
A melbourne taxi experience ..that's what I've been missing.
To my great surprise Ahmed had heard of Mentone and actually knew how to get there.
During the journey we talked about our mutual immigraton stories, how he came from the Sudan and what like was like for him there and his family, who he left behind.The journey home flew by and I relished in being able to sit in the front seat safe in the knowledge that every move I made was being recorded on video.
Ahmed told me about his life style here ; 4 ,24 hr shifts( by choice), sleeping at the side of the road when he felt his eyes closing.
Safe in my re-affirmed knowledge that sitting in a melbourne taxi is akin to running accross the road with your eyes closed, I opened my door ,collapsed in bed and thought, yes, some things change, some things stay the same.

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