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p__sullivan Sep 1st 2002 12:51 am

the medicals are over with
:PARTY: Hi everyone,
Well the medical is over with.. a mostly painless affair.. although excruciating embarrassing… generally I don’t like having my knackers felt by any bloke… and at least until he bought me dinner!!. Well me and the missus have passed ok (or so the doc said). Some interesting information to note is that the cost of a medical in NZ is $80 each… which at $3 to the pound is very cheap… and as for the x-rays … well they were free… bargain!!

I know its not always a convenient route to wait until you are in the country before getting them done, or even prudent as, heaven forbid, there is a problem… but it was hassle free and involved a simple phone call to the doc who said yes come over and then we drove to the hospital and said we would like blood tests and x-rays.. they said sure just go on down to the lab… in and out in about 35 mins…

Well that’s all the paper work done.. we collect the results on mon/tue and then the whole deals is packaged up and sent of ASAP… probably just in time for the points to be raised to 56 where by all the applicants need 2 PhD’s and 27yrs of internationally recognized work before they will even open the letter…



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