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jet Mar 16th 2002 11:40 am

London are still alive and working!!
Hi all just to let you know that there is still life within AHC in London, I have just received requests for my medical and police check. I am appling for a Prospective Spouse Visa and todate my time line has been:

Applied December 14th 2001
Acknowledgement January 2002
Medicals requested March 16th 2002

So hopefully this means I will get to go to the ball and attend my wedding in Queensland in August.

Just one word on the Adelaide situation, I think it sucks for the poor people who are still waiting in London, the fairest thing would have been to transfer those cases over to be processed. Hope everyone gets the news they want and SOON!!!!

Lynn-ann Mar 16th 2002 2:19 pm

Re: London are still alive and working!!
Great News,
Looks like it will be OK for your wedding. Hope its the best day of your life ( second to getting your visa ha ha).
Best Wishes
Vaughan and Lynn

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