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Cantila Apr 4th 2002 7:44 pm

How do quotas work?

Can anyone enlighten me as to how quotas for Aus immi work? I imagine that x amount is set each year, with a percentage for each type of visa. Specifically:
1. What is the quota for 2001?
2. Has the quota been reached? If so, what does that mean for applications sent after the quota has been reached?
3. Has the quota been set for 2002?
4. When does the new quota period begin - July?

I'm applying under Independent Skilled, am being assessed by VETASESS currently, and will submit my application in the early May timeframe.

Links to relevant sites would be greatly appreciated.


col Apr 4th 2002 8:19 pm

Re: How do quotas work?
Well all I can say is that they set the start of the new quota as of July the first. What the quota is ie how many I don't really Know. Sorry can't help any more. Col

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